Online Powerlifting Coach

  • Evidence-based online powerlifting coaching only $75 per week
  • Beginner or advanced lifters who want to get stronger
  • Improve your strength and physique simultaneously   
  • Suitable for people located anywhere in Australia
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Online powerlifting coaching


Hit new powerlifting PRs on the squat, bench press, and deadlift with coaching.


Compete in your first powerlifting comp & need guidance? Want to improve from your previous performance?


Coaching that can increase your powerlifting total and improve your physique at the same time.


Get assistance with your training, nutrition and lifting technique to overcome strength and physique plateaus

Online powerlifting coaching costs

Online powerlifting coaching costs

Online powerlifting coaching only $75 inc gst per week
  • No start-up or exit fees
  • Costs are billed weekly
  • Individualised training program
  • Individualised nutrition guidelines
  • Lifting technique analysis and critique (weekly)
  • Weekly check-in system (video reply sent to you)
  • Unlimited contact with your coach
  • Powerlifting competition prep (optional)
  • Gym access ($10 per week)
1 on 1 Powerlifting coaching in Taren Point Sydney

Get powerlifting
coaching online

There’s a common misconception that powerlifting training differs vastly from physique training. Yes, some training variables must be modified to maximise strength or physique improvements. 

However, there’s no reason you can’t train for both goals when structured correctly. Our online coaching helps people increase their strength while improving their physique. After all, what’s the point of being strong if we look like potatoes? We can help with;

– Lifting technique
– Improving strength
– Physique improvements
– Nutrition guidance
– Getting over plateaus

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Who is online powerlifting coaching suited to?

Online powerlifting coaching can suit both beginner or experienced lifters who want to get stronger on the squat, bench press and dead-lift whilst improving the appearance of their physique.

Strength goals of people can vary (but are not limited to);

  • Want to improve overall strength
  • Want to get stronger on the squat dead-lift and bench press but have no interest in entering a competition
  • Compete in your first powerlifting competition
  • Improve upon your previous powerlifting performance
  • Become a competitive high-level power-lifter

All whilst improving your physique. We combine strength with hypertrophy training to get the best of both worlds (improve strength whilst building a better physique)

Online powerlifting coaching that is customised

Why we don't use
coaching systems

People aren’t robots and shouldn’t be restricted to particular training or coaching systems.

Instead, we understand training theory and concepts and will apply evidence-based knowledge and practical experience to your individual response to the training program and nutrition advice we construct for you.

Programs are continually modified and refined according to the individual rather than following a particular set of training system rules. You’re an individual, and your program needs to be individualised to you.

Powerlifting coaching reviews

"I underwent a training schedule with Paul for over 12 months and it was an exceptional journey and would recommend anyone who is serious about healthspan to consider using Paul’s expertise.

I wholeheartedly recommend Paul to anyone seeking a dedicated, knowledgeable, and results-driven coach. His expertise has the power to transform not just your body but also your entire approach to fitness and well-being. I am truly grateful for the positive impact they have had on my life."
"I had been training for a few years before getting coached by Paul Attard online. My goals were to increase muscle mass and symmetry to compete in women’s physique. I wanted a coach to optimise my training to maximise my time and energy spent in the gym."
"I was having issues cutting weight for the competitions. I would typically sit a few kilograms over my weight class and then will water cut in the last week to make weight. This would result in poor performance on competition day as water cutting was heavily affecting my strength. I wanted to find a coach that could help me with nutrition to get leaner whilst maintaining strength and improving his physique visually."

How does online powerlifting coaching work?


We will conduct a free consultation to assess the specific areas you’d like to get coaching for, such as;

  • Lifting technique problems
    Improve technique efficiency to increase your 1RMs

  • Strength problems
    Overcome training stalls to see improvements in your powerlifting total

  • Physique problems
    Understand how to improve your physique without affecting your powerlifting performance

  • Nutrition problems
    Learn how to optimise your nutrition and calorie intake to maximise your powerlifting performance

  • Powerlifting problems
    Hit a plateau or see slow results in increasing strength on your squat, bench press or dead-lift and unsure what you need to do to make further improvements

Online coaching uses a weekly check-in system. You’ll be expected to send each week;

  1. Your training log with weights, reps and RPE/RIR logged
  2. Your macros/calories and body weights
  3. A weekly question sheet giving details of how your week went
  4. Videos of your lifts, as a minimum squat, bench press and dead-lift

After reviewing your weekly logs and videos, your coach will then send a video reply that will cover;

  1. Analysis and critique of your lifting technique
  2. Description of any programming and nutrition changes made
  3. Answering any questions or concerns you have asked

Your next training week will be updated, such as;

  1. Changing RPEs, weights, sets, reps etc
  2. Your nutrition will be analysed, and changes will be made as needed
  3. If you have any urgent questions, your coach will be available on WhatsApp and email and will reply in less than 24 hours
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Who will be your online coach?

Paul Attard is the owner and head coach of SPC Performance Lab. He holds a bachelor’s, honours, and master’s degree in exercise and sports science. He has competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting, winning multiple competitions in both disciplines. 

He has experience helping both beginner and advanced trainees in everything strength- and physique-related and has extensive experience helping individuals deal with injuries.

Qualifications include;

  • Masters of Exercise and Sports Science (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science Honours (First Class Honours)
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
Online powerlifting coaching money back guarantee

100% money back guarantee

We are confident in our ability to produce results, so we offer a money-back guarantee. We will refund your money if you see no improvement in your technique, strength and/or physique after the initial 12 weeks.

For us to offer this guarantee, you must follow all the requirements of our online coaching: sending a complete weekly report logging your training and nutrition and attaching your exercise videos and question sheet. 

If you’ve been following everything we’ve provided you for at least 90% of the time, sending a complete log each week, and seeing zero results after the initial 12 weeks, we will refund everything you have paid.

What problems can online powerlifting coaching help with?

Online powerlifting coach teaching the right technique
Lifting technique

Have little to no experience in squat, bench press and dead-lift and want to learn how to perform these movements correctly

Have experience in the SBD lifts but want to refine technique to improve efficiency so you can lift heavier

Feel like you’re making technique errors but are unsure what they are or how to fix them

Just want some confidence in having an expert check your technique to make sure you’re performing the competition lifts correctly and not wasting your training time

Online powerlifting coaching to build strength
Building strength

Looking to increase 1RM strength on the squat, bench press and dead-lift but unsure how to best program to achieve this

Hit a plateau or see slow progress in improving your powerlifting performance/increase from your previous powerlifting total

Feel like your overall strength is at a plateau and unsure what changes you need to make to get stronger

Have a lagging lift you want to get stronger at but unsure what you need to do to see improvements

Online powerlifting coaching to help change physique
Improve physique

Looking to improve the look of your physique in conjunction with getting stronger / powerlifting goals but unsure how to do both simultaneously in an efficient way

Want to know how to balance body-building with powerlifting so you can be strong like a powerlifter but look like a bodybuilder

Have particular body parts you want to bring up without affecting your strength gains – E.g. bigger arms, bigger glutes, etc.

Having issues gaining lean muscle mass for either aesthetic purposes, to improve your overall strength, or for both goals

Unsure how to combine strength with physique training to see improvements in physique without affecting strength gains

Unsure how to increase strength or powerlifting performance without taking away from physique gains

Online powerlifting coach to plan nutrition

Nutrition guidance

Confused in what macros you should consume to optimise strength gains

Want to know how to set up your nutrition to gain muscle without gaining unnecessary amounts of body fat

What to know how to set up your nutrition to reduce body fat whilst minimising losses in strength and muscle mass

Want to gain or drop weight to get into a different weight class for powerlifting whilst minimising losing strength and muscle size

Want to know how to best eat to maximise powerlifting performance

Want to know how to best eat on competition day to maximise your performance

Need to figure out the best approach to drop weight to fit into a weight class for your next competition without losing strength  

Online coaching for making powerlifting strength improvements
Powerlifting performance

Hit a plateau in increasing strength on your squat, bench press or dead-lift and unsure what you need to do to make further improvements

Want to get as strong as you can on the competition lifts but are confused about the best approach for you?

Feel stuck in increasing your power-lifting total

Want a plan and structure for your next meet day so you can have a successful competition experience

Want to know how to taper correctly for your next meet to maximise your powerlifting performance on competition day  

Unsure how to set up training blocks to maximise power-lifting performance

Unsure how to set up training blocks to blend powerlifting with hypertrophy training/improving your physique

Need help in competing in your first powerlifting competition

Have competed in powerlifting before but looking to improve from your previous performance

Trying to figure out how to optimise your training to become the strongest power-lifter that you can

Online powerlifting coaching to learn how to reduce injury
Minimise injuries

Experiencing niggles and pain which is affecting your training and unsure how to get rid of them

Unable to do specific exercises because of pain

Been told you shouldn’t do X lift from a physio because of pain

Want to know how to work around pain whilst still progressing towards your goals

Been told you have tendinitis/tendinopathy or some other type of overuse injury in a specific area and are unable to get rid of it

Seen one or more physios and have been given a bunch of stretches and exercises to improve pain, but doesn’t seem to be working

Seen one or more physio or doctors about pain and was just told to stop training the area, but you don’t feel this is the correct approach to fix the issue

Need a plan and structure to rehab an injury whilst progressing towards your goals

Free powerlifting coaching advice

Explore some of our free powerlifting advice which includes videos and explanations.

Frequently asked questions

Online powerlifting coaching will cost $75 inc gst per week and has the following inclusions

  • No start-up or exit fee
  • Billed weekly
  • Individualised training program
  • Individualised nutrition guidelines
  • Weekly check-in system
  • Lifting technique analysis and critique (weekly)
  • Unlimited contact with your coach
  • Powerlifting competition prep (optional)
  • Gym access ($10 per week)

Programming is done through Microsoft Excel or Google Drive and sent via email. We do not use web-based or mobile logging applications as they restrict us from fully customising and making individual edits for clients whenever needed. These applications only allow you to use their options, and you’re unable to edit outside of these.

Check-ins are done once a week, but you’re able to message your coach 24-7, and you’ll get a reply within 24 hours (usually quicker)

Our coaching packages have no minimum time requirement and are contract-free. Debits are taken out weekly, and you can cancel at any time.

Yes, as long as your competition is located within a distance they can physically get to. If your coach cannot attend, you will receive a complete guide on what to do on competition day. Your coach may also be available online to help in real-time.

There is no direct answer. Programs are updated weekly according to the client’s response. These updates may include weight changes, reps, RPEs, etc. Major program updates are done as required. There are no set rules. Program changes are generally reactive rather than pre-planned.

Yes, unless the update is really short and does not require a video. But in 98% of cases, you’ll receive a weekly update video.

Yes, you can contact your coach via WhatsApp or email as needed

No, our coaching can be tailored for various goals including building muscle, reducing body fat, improving strength and sports performance.

It would help if you ask the following questions when trying to pick a powerlifting coach:

  • What is their coaching philosophy and lifting experience?
  • Do they have a formal education related to coaching or sports science?
  • What do their previous clients’ results look like?
  • Do they only offer programming, or will they also analyse and critique your technique?
  • Do they provide helpful content online?
  • How much support do you need? 
  • Do you only require programming adjustments, or do you need someone to look at your technique regularly?
  • Does the coach offer help on competition days?
  • Is coaching a lock-in type contract or is it an easy exit?
All coaching packages (excluding one-off technique sessions) come with an individualised training program and nutrition recommendation that is reviewed and updated weekly. All programs are included in the coaching costs with no extra costs to pay.
There is no minimum age requirement for powerlifting coaching. If you are underage, talk to our head trainer for more information.

Our coach has extensive knowledge and experience in helping people work around and rehab injuries while training towards their strength and physique goals. Please get in contact to discuss with our coach.

To book in a free 45-60min consultation with a qualified exercise scientist to discuss your goals and a game plan to reach them, please fill in the application form below and someone will be in contact within 24 hours.

Alternatively, send an e-mail to 
or call us directly at 0420 387 311