Personal training

Get personal training and coaching either face to face or online for strength, bodybuilding or powerlifting to help you achieve your physical goals from $75 per week

Personal training in Taren Point for women

Personal training
in Taren Point

Personal training is suitable for anyone that is looking to get stronger, improve their physique (building muscle, reduce body fat and improve body definition) or would like to learn the basics of exercising. We have a variety of personal training options delivered either 1-to-1 or online. 

Our personal training in Taren Point consists of a training and nutrition program that is tailored based on your fitness goals and training experience. 

At SPC Performance Lab, we welcome beginners with no gym experience to athletes that are looking to improve their strength, our PT’s can help you nail your goals.

Personal trainer for strength training, powerlifting & bodybuilding

Gym in Taren Point, Sutherland Shire for strength training, powerlifting and bodybuilding
Gym in Taren Point, Sutherland Shire for strength training
Gym in Taren Point, Sutherland Shire for bodybuilding
Gym in Taren Point, Sutherland Shire for powerlifting

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Personal trainer and coaching

During the face-to-face session, you will be coached by our head coach and owner, Paul Attard

Paul has over 7 years of experience in coaching small powerlifting and strength groups. He is a qualified coach with a Master’s in Exercise & Sports Science degree + Bachelor’s with first class honours, has won multiple bodybuilding shows and competes in powerlifting.

Small group personal training in Taren Point Sutherland Shire Sydney

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The benefits of using a personal trainer

A personal trainer will help you remain accountable and putting in the right efforts to reach your body goals.

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Build strength

Our PT will create a program to build muscle and strength.

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Our head coach has over 7 years group coaching experience.

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Reduce body fat

Ready to get lean and mean? Our PT will guide you.

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Tailored programs

Individualised and tailored training programs for each person.

Personal training in Taren Point with experienced bodybuilder

Personal training options

We make it super easy to get personal training that suits your lifestyle, you can choose to come and visit the gym or get online sessions – we leave it up to you.

What are the costs for personal training?

We have created a range of pricing options for gym, 1-on1 or online personal training to fit into any type of workout lifestyle you need.


Online only
No commitment
$ 75 per week
  • No start up fees
  • No exit fees
  • Cancel anytime
  • Tailored program
  • 1 hour consult
  • Macro nutrition advice
  • Macro nutrition tracking
  • Unlimited Q&A email/SMS
  • Weekly video analysis


1 on 1 sessions
No commitment
$ 105 per week
  • No start up fees
  • No exit fees
  • Cancel anytime
  • Tailored program
  • 1 hour consult
  • Macro nutrition advice
  • Macro nutrition tracking
  • Unlimited Q&A email/SMS
  • Weekly PT check & feedback

Frequently asked questions

Anyone over the age of 18 is suitable for personal training. However, we can also accommodate and tailor our program for those that are underage. Please speak with our personal training if you are underage.
The cost of a weekly 1-on-1 PT session is $105 per week, not including a gym membership. Our personal training session includes a tailored training program and nutrition tracking sheet that is updated every week. Unlike other programs, our program is tailored based on your health goals and gym experience. You will also receive unlimited Q&As throughout the week, where you can ask your personal trainer questions.
Our 1-on-1 and online personal training are contract-free and obligation-free, meaning that you can cancel at any time with no questions asked.
For those that are interested in personal training at SPC Performance Lab, you can receive a gym membership for an additional $10 per week. Our regular no-contract gym membership is valued at $18.88 per week. The gym membership includes 24/7 hour access to the facility and unlimited parking.
Our personal training packages come with individualised workout programs and nutrition recommendations that are reviewed and updated weekly. All workout and nutrition programs are included in the costs with no hidden or additional costs.
Definitely, our training programs can be tailored based on your body condition and injuries. Building body strength and improving exercise techniques can help reduce some of the pain that you may be experiencing. In certain cases, having underdeveloped muscles or avoiding particular exercises may be contributing to the pain.
No, our personal training programs are created based on your current fitness level and ability. The main aim of our program is to help you progress regardless of your fitness experience. Around 50% of our clients started with little to no training experience. Our programs are designed to ensure that you will see results as long as you remain consistent.

Our community comprises people who enjoy strength training and want an alternative to the large commercial gyms, which can sometimes resemble a sleazy nightclub. 

We exist to provide a gym training facility and evidence-based coaching for people who specifically want to improve their strength and physique. Our gym in Taren Point is equipped with competition powerlifting equipment but also has a range of bodybuilding machines which you’ll typically find in larger gyms. 

We have a strict member cap to avoid overcrowding and waiting for machines. We offer a free $0 gym trial if you want to try us out.