Fitness Passport Gym
Taren Point

A gym for Fitness Passport owners

Escape busy gyms and become part of our community so you can upgrade your body without having to train in a commercial facility. 24-7 Strength training and power-lifting gym.

No crowds, no egos, no mirrors

You're tired of crowded gyms & waiting for equipment

At SPC, we have a strict membership cap to ensure you're not losing training time waiting for equipment.

We are also open 24 hours, 7 days a week so you can train whenever you like.

You don’t spend half your training session taking selfies

We understand that excessive mirrors can lead to a self-centred environment, so we have limited them in our gym.

We believe in fostering a positive and supportive environment and refuse to tolerate toxic/ego-driven behaviour.

You don’t want
train in an ego-driven

SPC has created a community of individuals who are interested in upgrading themselves through strength training.

People engage in friendly conversation and banter with each other.

You’re not concerned about gym

We don't have fancy lighting, matching coloured equipment, or rows of machines.

Instead, we have great people, a positive environment, and all the equipment you need to get stronger.

Use your Fitness Passport & train with a great community to reach your goals

After training and coaching at commercial gyms for many years, I felt like I didn’t completely fit in. These gyms didn’t cater well to strength training, and I couldn’t find any non-commercial alternatives that met my needs within shire. Therefore, I decided to open a facility that would overcome the challenges I faced in traditional gyms

A Fitness Passport approved gym in the Sutherland Shire

  • No busy crowds – I was tired of waiting for equipment or feeling rushed in having to finish quickly because someone else wanted to use the equipment I was using

  • Ego type environments – I trained at some places that resembled sleazy nightclubs where guys tried to act tough, and people posing for their next Instagram story. This environment didn’t suit my personality, and I didn’t want to be a part of it

  • People with similar training goals and no sense of community It’s enjoyable to train with people who share similar training goals and personalities. In commercial gyms, I struggled to find like-minded individuals to chat with.

SPC Performance Lab was created specifically to address the issues that are often encountered in large commercial facilities. If you’re interested in training somewhere that’s a little bit different, click the link below to get a free trial at the SPC to see if we’re a good match for you.

Watch some of our video testimonials

Play Video about Michalea's review of SPC Performance Lab gym in Taren Point Sutherland Shire
Play Video about Ethan's review of SPC Performance Lab gym in Taren Point Sutherland Shire
Play Video about Hanando's review of SPC Performance Lab gym in Taren Point Sutherland Shire

See some of the transformations


“I underwent a training schedule with Paul for over 12 months and it was an exceptional journey and would recommend anyone who is serious about getting stronger and looking better to consider using Paul’s expertise”


“I wanted to find a coach that could help me with nutrition to get leaner whilst maintaining strength and improving my physique visually. 

Paul guided me in developing a nutrition plan that was sustainable and flexible, didn’t make me feel overly restricted and, most importantly, got me seeing my abs for the first time.”


“I was a complete beginner with no training experience and would get re-occurring back and knee pain which were affecting my day-to-day life. 

Paul taught me the correct technique for all exercises, increased my strength and muscle size, and I learned new diet behaviours to reduce my body fat. In addition, the pain flare-ups I would experience reduced to the point that they were no longer an issue.”

See some of the reviews

"Love training here, the environment, people, energy and support is amazing. Whether you train seriously or just for a bit of fun everyone is friendly and approachable.

The owner Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and training if you are looking to take your training next level.

Awesome gym."
Jasmine Arnold review of SPC Performance Lab
Jasmine Arnold
Personal training
"Fantastic gym, super friendly and great equipment. Both Paul and Alex are hugely knowledgeable and make training fun, safe and goal drive.

Highly recommended for anyone from an expert lifter to complete novice.

Membership fee is so reasonable and 24/7 access - cannot be beat!"
Nicola Hardingham review of SPC Performance Lab
Nicola Hardingham
Strength training
"One of the best gym to train for powerlifting.
Really loved the environment .
Best equipment"
Sukhwinder review of SPC Performance Lab
Powerlifting training

Ready to upgrade your physique, get stronger and reach your goals without wasting time on inefficient training methods and inaccurate advice?

Use your Fitness Passport to upgrade your body

Improve your physique
and get stronger

Did you know you can get help creating a training regime designed specifically for you.

With an optional personal training program every element is customised specifically to your body, goals and needs.

You'll know exactly what to do each session and don’t need to worry if the energy and time you’re spending in the gym will be effective for progressing your body to be upgraded the way you dreamed of.

Optimise your

Typical diet advice can be opinion-based or rigid and not sustainable. In reality, multiple nutrition protocols can lead to the same result.

Long-term nutrition success is about finding eating behaviours that can be maintained over the long term rather than short, aggressive, unsustainable, 12-week quick fixes.

Instead, you have the option of working together to find nutrition methods that suit you and are sustainable

Learn proper

YouTube exercise technique videos can be overwhelming and confusing to search through.

It can be challenging to distinguish which videos are accurate, especially if you don’t have a background in anatomy and biomechanics.

You can get optional coaching to avoid the headache and time-wasting by showing you how to train efficiently and safely and provide you with personalised technique advice and cues

1 on 1 Powerlifting coaching in Taren Point Sydney

Who runs this Fitness Passport gym?

Paul Attard is the founder and lead coach at SPC Performance Lab which is a Fitness Passport approved gym in Taren Point, Sutherland Shire. Armed with Bachelor’s, Honours, and Master’s degrees in Exercise and Sports Science, Paul has excelled in both bodybuilding and powerlifting, securing victories across disciplines.

His extensive background enables him to guide beginners and experienced trainees alike, addressing all aspects of strength and physique enhancement. 

Moreover, Paul is also highly experienced in helping individuals manage and overcome injuries, so you don’t have to waste time on rehab exercises and advice that doesn’t work.

Ready to become an upgraded version of you?

Whether you are a beginner, returning after a long break, or an experienced gym user, we cater to anyone wanting to improve themselves. Our gym has all the equipment found in large commercial gyms but without the busy crowds.

We offer a free trial to try us out and see if we are the right fit for you. Don’t worry; we won’t bombard you with sales calls afterwards. We understand the annoyance of this.

Come and visit us at SPC and experience the difference for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Fitness Passport is a corporate health and fitness program providing its members and their families with access to a wide choice of fitness facilities close to their home and work. SPC Performance Lab is a Fitness Passport approved gym. Fitness Passport is driven by a purpose to help people lead a healthy and an active lifestyle through a service representing excellent value and convenience. Fitness Passport has been working in close collaboration with employers and fitness partners for over ten years. 

SPC Performance Lab in an approved Fitness Passport gym in Taren Point, Sutherland Shire, part of a network of over 1,700 fitness facilities across Australia where the passport can be used.

Fitness Passport offers a wide range of facilities such as gyms, pools, and other leisure facilities and the access to those facilities are based on the program and package you join on.


  • If you’re a member – for more information on the location of these facilities, log into with your username/email address and password. A map of all facilities will be available to you under your employer program this will appear under the Membership Details tab.
  • If you’re not yet a member – to find out if your employer has an active program with Fitness Passport, contact them here. If your employer has a program with them, they will share a link with all the facilities available to you

Bachelors, Honours and Master’s degrees in Exercise and Sports Science along with competition experience in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Most likely. I have helped rehab most gym-related pains such as shoulder, knee, hip, elbow and back pain. Likewise, programs can be modified to work around and manage pain. However, it is best to schedule a free consultation so I can understand your unique situation.

8/58 Box Road, Taren Point. Please contact to book an appointment to visit the gym to ensure someone is here.

No. Fitness passport only provides gym access. Coaching is paid separately.